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BUG FIX Fridn Depo

At the end of August 2020, an error was detected displaying the number of FA.Step in Fridn. Depo. Brief description of the error: when calculating FA.Step to the address of the Fridn.Depo displayed not actual transactions, but internal data processing operations of the Fridn.Extracting. The procedure for correcting the error Accruals in Fridn.Depo occur as a result of unconditional income (if the user has registered more than 12.500 steps in the app) and cumulative income. The number of transmitted steps for the time period (24 hours) of each participant is saved in the system history. Taking into account the above data, the system recalculated the entire period of each user of the Fridn.Depo taking into account: - Accruals for the Fridn.Extracting (replenishment Fridn.Depo); - Accruals of remuneration for storing FA.Step in Fridn.Depo (replenishment Fridn.Depo); - Withdrawal of funds from Fridn.Depo (withdrawal from Fridn.Depo). Except for the correct display of Fridn.Depo data, the system has implemented technical mechanisms to protect against this type of error in the future. Obtained result For today, all data that is displayed in Fridn.Depo relevant and reliable for all participants. Technical changes have been made to the Fridn.Extracting and Fridn.Depo to protect against such errors and attempts of manipulation by users. In case of questions or suggestions about the wrong number of FA.Step in the Fridn.Depo, please contact: For optimal and prompt interaction on this issue, please provide the following information in your request: - The number of FA.Step in Fridn.Depo until the error is fixed; - The number of FA.Step in Fridn.Depo after error correction; - Source of FA.Step (if you receive a screenshot of transactions from the app from other users)
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Technical work Thursday 10/01/2020 from 15:00 to 22:00

This Thursday, 01.10.2020, from 3 p.m. till 10 p.m. Moscow time, we are going to perform some technical operations to make our website and app more convenient for the users. The system will not be available within the mentioned period.

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